We are EMTraining, a VET Centre and Languages School located in Seville, Southern Spain.

We can provide you a professional experience and teach you Spanish

Our Services

WE CoordinatE ERASMUS+ mobility projects

We help to educational institutions established in Europe to implement and coordinate their Erasmus+ mobility projects in Seville, providing Spanish learning, management of professional internships, accommodation, transport services, leisure offer and 24h. assistance to their students. Our large experience allows us to generate many success stories every year!

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WE MANAGE Professional InternshipS IN SEVILLE

EMTraining is part of a network composed of more than 500 companies and organisations from all sectors established in Seville, willing to include young professionals from other countries in their work teams for the development of non paid training positions to gain professional work experience and improve their career opportunities.


Arranging accommodation in a foreign country can be daunting; We want you to enjoy your stay in Spain and we are happy to assist you with your accommodation arrangements. We offer you several accommodation modalities: homestay, shared appartments and University dorms. Feel free to contact us at: alojamiento @emtraining.es


Due to the demand of our foreign students, EMTraining has prepared a leisure offer for 2017, made up of activities and tours in Seville and trips to other cities in Andalusia. The criteria for preparing the offer were: 1. To carry out the most demanded activities; 2. Optimize cost for students through group bookings; 3. Offer a quality service managed by professionals who guarantee fun but also learning. 4. Offer activities that can be developed in Spanish and English. Have a look!

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Our Courses

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We develop monthly Spanish courses aimed at starting to learn our language and improve your initial level. Seville is definitely the best destination to refresh your Spanish!

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The cultural industry grows more every year in Europe and requires qualified professionals. This course is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and tools to produce and manage cultural products and events: cultural heritage, exhibitions, stage productions and musical events.

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In the XXI century the tourist seeks to know new cultures through experiences and gastronomy is definitely the most popular one. It is not only about eating in restaurants, but about getting to know local products, traditional markets, and participate actively in production/distribution processes and culinary techniques. This course is designed to provide the tools to design and execute gastronomic experiences for visitors.

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Management & financing of non profit entities

This training is intended to meet the tools for accounting and tax management of non-profit organisations in Spain; and getting funding sources available for this type of entities.

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