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Here we explain you how we coordinate the educational mobility projects:


EMTraining has been acting as coordinating organisation in mobility projects developed in the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus+, Creative Europe and recently TLN Mobility.


As coordinating organisation, we undertake to:
• Take part in the recruitment process of participants if required by the sending organisation.
Interview the participants to assess their initial Spanish level and professional skills to prepare their training placements.
• Contact to the most suitable hosting organisations for the development of the internships, training events or job job shadowing visits. The criteria that we follow to select the hosting companies are: 1. Matching to trainne's educational/professional profile; 2. existence of a real work load; 3. experience in hosting foreign trainess; 4. good work environment; 5. distance to participant's accommodation.
• Ensure the correct admistrative management of the mobilities: training agreements; quality commitment and Europass Mobility.
Follow the learning progress to guarantee the learning outcomes. Weekly contact to participants and companies.
• Provide professional and career counseling to trainees and additional training to staff.
• Provide Spanish courses, support 24h./day, accommodation and shuttle services from/to airport to participants. Accommodation booking criteria: 1. meet the standars of hygiene, safety and comfort; 2. location in the city, services and connection to public transports nearby; 3. flatmates matching.
Evaluate and validate the learning obtained according to the European standards: ECVET, EQF, Europass Mobility.
• Promote the reimbursement of the participants after the completion of the training placement by offering tools to exploit the new skills acquired in terms of career evolution and employment.
• Contribute to the visibility & disemination measures planned by the sending organisation.


Business management & administration: administrative assistants; accountants; specialists in banking, taxes and logistics etc.
• Technician in Electrical & Electronics Installations.
Tourism: tour guides; assistants for tourism information offices; information and support staff of museums, theatres and monuments; travel agencies staff.
Hospitality Management: head of reception; head of housekeeping;
• Restaurants: chefs, waiters and barmans.
Bakers and confectioners.
• Beauty: hairdressers and makeup specialists.
ICT: specialist on systems and networks; software and app developers; specialist on software for business administration.
Graphic design and printing activities: creative professionals; technicians in press processes (digital, offset and serigraphy).
• Carpenters, plumbers and bricklayers.
Clothing and Fashion.
Mechanics; electromechanics and specialists on vehicle body.
• Glassware and pottery.
Health & social work: support to elderly people, children and social groups with fewer opportunities.


• Erasmus+ KA1-VET Learners Mobility. "Young professionals on the European job market - craftsmanship placements in Spain". Chamber of Crafts and Enterprises in Nowy Sącz. Polonia. 24 participants.
• Erasmus+ KA1-VET Learners Mobility. "Spanish Delicacies". Fundation DELTA Wiedza Edukacja Rozwój. Polonia. 36 participants.
• Erasmus+ KA1-VET Learners Mobility. "Les Papilles Trotteuses en Europe". Association Alix Leclerc. LPO Saint Pierre. France. 29 participants.
• Erasmus+ KA1-VET Learners Mobility. "Versalles-España, una oportunidad que no hay que perder!". Lycée Jacques Prévert. France. 19 participants.
• Erasmus+ KA1-VET Learners Mobility. "Zagraniczne Praktyki Uczniów Tarnowskiego Rzemiosła"; “The Apprentice-International Work Placements For Craft Trainess from Tarnow Region” and LdV-IVT "Work placements in Spain. A chance for Vocational Craft Schools". Chamber of Crafts and Small-Medium Sized Companies in Tarnow. Poland. 126 participants.
• Erasmus+ KA1-VET Learners Mobility. “Il biologico come salvaguardia dell'ambiente”. ISS Cassata Gattapone. Italy. 22 participants.
• Erasmus+ KA1-VET Learners Mobility. “Typical Food in a Quality Typical Catering” and LdV-PLM "PRO.LES.TOUR". ISS Ciuffelli-Einaudi. Italy. 90 participants.
• TLN Mobility. Integration through Exchange - IdA. Pfefferwerk AG & WeTeK Berlin gGmbH. Germany. 20 participants.
• Erasmus+ K1 Mobility for VET Staff "Formation de Formateurs en Europe". Centre Ressources Europe (CRE Versailles). France. 36 participants.
• Erasmus+ KA1-VET Learners Mobility. “We are what we eat” Nutrition and Care - A Mediterranean Approach to Improve Health" and "Developing International Business, Hospitality & Travel VET in York & NorthYorkshire”. York College. United of Kingdom. 59 participants.
• Erasmus+ KA1-VET Learners Mobility. “La Campiña Avanza”. IES La Campiña. Arahal. Seville. Spain. 15 participants.
• LdV-IVT. "ESEN and the Technologies". Agrupamento de Escolas Emídio Navarro. Portugal. 5 participants.
• LdV-PLM "Paradas con Futuro". Ayuntamiento de Paradas. Spain. 15 participants.
• LdV-PLM "Ingenium"; LdV-VETPRO "Ingenium-Forma"; Erasmus+ VET Staff Mobility “Ingenium Forma+”. Colegio Oficial de Peritos e Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Sevilla. Spain. 41 participants.
• LdV-PLM "ECO-TECH". AFOL Milano. Italy. 15 participants.
• LdV-IVT. "IVT Placements in Sevilla". Escola Profissional Novos Horizontes Lda. Portugal. 18 participants.




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